September 28th and 29th, 2013

Saturday 10AM to 6PM — Sunday 10AM to 5PM



Follow your nose and the signs for the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival through the historic village of Saugerties NY to Cantine Field…

It’s here on the last full weekend in September, the Kiwanis Club and founder Pat Reppert (the The Garlic Goddess) host the 2nd largest Garlic Festival in the country.

100 garlic growers, loads of unique craft vendors, and 4 different stages of live music offer plenty to see, do, and taste at the The Saugerties Garlic Festival!

Never tried roasted garlic chocolate truffles or garlic ice cream? Never knocked back a garlic shooter? Well, here’s your chance.

Yes, you will leave stinking of garlic… but who cares!


We’d like to share with you our experience at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival.


Hudson Valley Garlic Festival Highlights

Immediately, the sweet and funky sounds of the Mojo Myles Band pulled us towards Junction Stage. Here, hot shot guitarist, Myles Mancuso wowed the crowd with his impressive licks and good old fashioned showmanship.

hudson valley garlic festival

Myles Mancuso Pulls “a Hendrix”


If you like high energy blues-rock, you can see Myles and his band playing around the Hudson Valley and New York City. Still just a teenager, Myles has already become a local heavy weight guitarist.


Garlic Shooters!

hudson valley garlic festival

After a nice dose of music it came time to try some Garlic Shooters! (lemon juice, water, raw garlic).

Sold at $1 by the Kiwanis Club, the non-alcoholic shots go towards the various community organizations they support.

The Club actually built an Ice Hockey Arena in Saugerties with proceeds from the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival!


Garlic Growers and Experts

We were then lured into the West End section of the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. There was a folksy gypsy band playing, tons of Garlic Growers, and the Lecture tent where Bob Dunkel was giving a lecture titled “History, Types & Original Use of Garlic.”

Here we purchased some garlic. I got a huge head of German White from The Pasture Farm, and my father purchased the braided decorative kind.

hudson valley garlic festival

German White Garlic Variety



Garlic Seed Foundation

In the “east end” (a small loop of yet more garlic growers) was the headquarters for The Garlic Seed Foundation.

Steve, the representative declared, “I love B.S.-ing about garlic all day!” and proceeded to educate me on the virtues of this noble herb.

The not-too-serious GSF describes itself as “an informal organization of growers and eaters dedicated to the consumption and production of allium sativum (garlic).”


Garlic-infused Eats

Finally, it was time to dig in! We headed back to the long row of food vendors which is at the heart of the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. There were so many different kinds of food… Garlic this, garlic that, you name it.

hudson valley garlic festival

The air smelled of goodness and our bellies rumbled. It wasn’t long before we settled on Garlic stuffed Sausage and Peppers.

I also tried the Garlic Ice Cream. It’s vanilla ice cream with pieces of raw garlic in it. My father refused, but I had to try. It tasted like… well, it tasted like vanilla ice cream and raw garlic!

The garlic didn’t come through until the end, and it gave the otherwise sweet treat that unmistakable flavor.


Loving Garlic in the Hudson Valley

The Saugerties Garlic Festival is a chance to get your love of garlic out of your pores, and into the greater garlic loving community here in the Hudson Valley!

Even if you’re not that into garlic, there are plenty of options for a good time. Your kids will enjoy face painting and climbing an artificial rock wall…

…You can learn tips from the pros about cooking with garlic, and even learn how to make garlic braids…

And, while you’re there you might as well stock up on huge fresh bulbs of garlic to take home.

The quality is outstanding and there is a difference!

Just remember to store in a warm dry place to keep them from sprouting. Happy Harvesting!

*Remember, the festival is on the last full weekend of September in Saugerties, NY at Cantine Field!

Finding Parking

There are several scattered parking lots where you can catch a shuttle bus around town, but we just drove right up to Cantine Field and quickly found parking on Washington Street. Whichever you choose, it’s Free!

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