Focused Wealth Management is a SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm committed to providing clients with superior asset management solutions and services. We offer a broad range of investment products, including equity and fixed income strategies across domestic, global and emerging markets. Focused Wealth Management has developed a special niche for Trusts, Not-for-Profits, Public and Private Endowments, Pension Funds, Foundations and Contingency Funds with 501(c)(3) plan sizes ranging from $10-$25 million.

As of December 31, 2012 we manage approximately $ 290,747 million dollars in client assets. Our Partners and Team Members are proud of our tradition of investment experience, absolute integrity and unwavering devotion to our clients’ portfolios and needs.

Our in depth research-driven investment process and extensive analysis identifies securities and investments that we believe drive our portfolios which are designed to provide growth to our clients portfolios, while constantly striving to keep investment costs low.

Accounts are carried by National Financial Services LLC, Member NYSE/SIPC. Additionally, we also offer clearing through TD Ameritrade Institutional, which is a leading provider of comprehensive brokerage and custody services to more than 4,000 fee-based, Independent Registered Investment Advisors and their clients. Through its many subsidiaries, TD offers investing and trading services for nearly six million funded client accounts that total nearly $500 billion in assets and custodial services for more than 4,500 independent registered investment advisors (RIAs). Additionally, TD Ameritrade Institutional provides a robust offering of products, programs and services.

FWM offers our clients highly individualized, custom solutions—combining our full range of investment strategies built on strategic advice.

We are committed to clear and consistent client communication, forging relationships based on our process of integrity, commitment and trust.

As your fiduciaries, we will do everything in our power to keep you focused on where you want to go, advise you on strategies designed to get there, and continually remind you of the importance of maintaining a disciplined and cost effective approach to investing.


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