Our Mission

To be the most trusted advisor that clients can count on to provide objective and unbiased solutions to their financial questions, goals, and dreams.

At H. Haller Financial, we understand that you have more options and sources for financial advice than ever before.What you lack is time.We want to be the primary source that you turn to for advice.In order to be your most trusted advisor we follow these principals:

We know our clients.We take a holistic view of your finances and goals.Because your money may be in several places, such as company 401k plans, it is important that these be coordinated in order to view the big picture when designing your plan. We strive to know not only the facts, but also your feelings and values before we develop a plan.

We have experience. Since 1984 Fritz has been helping clients reach their financial goals.Through Black Monday, “irrational exuberance”, and 9/11 he has helped clients stay focused on their dreams.He received his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM (CFP®) designation in 1991.

We are accountable.We strive to be better than average.Clients’ portfolios are tracked against established benchmarks.Through our online service clients have access to on-demand portfolio performance tracking 24/7.

We provide choices.Through our affiliation with Commonwealth Financial Network, we are able to leverage the expertise of a truly independent financial services organization committed to financial planning.Whether it is fee-based, fee for service, or transaction oriented, we have the ability to provide the appropriate service for your needs.

We stay current.We continually strive to sharpen skills by attending seminars and conferences on financial planning issues that are pertinent to our clients’ needs.When we do not know the answers, we refer clients to other professionals who have them.

We stay in touch.While we prefer to meet with clients face to face on a quarterly basis, it isn’t always practical.We design a scheduling period around our clients’ needs and preferences.Clients are encouraged to call or e-mail us at anytime if they have questions about their investments or situation. Should a client have an emergency and need money in a hurry, ATM, check writing and wire authorization are available to give them rapid accessibility.


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